Petting at the cinema

Today it was necessary to get up a bit earlier and meet Marina from the train. Of course, this honor came to me.

After all, only in my family there are rights and a car. As if in our city all taxi services were abruptly canceled. Naturally, the train arrived at five in the morning and I didn’t sleep at all because of this. Something like tearing through my eyes, I put on some kind of makeup and set off.

The family was just beginning to wake up and everyone was trying to fit me so that Marina, suddenly, did not wait for me, and I had to leave the house as soon as possible and topple. I hate all these family gatherings in the summer, they always take place at our place and a lot of people gather. New husbands sisters, a lot of spin-grease, new women brothers and Uncle Kolya. No, seriously, he comes to us every year with a new lady and every time she is younger than the previous one. I don’t understand how he does it, because he is already over fifty, has a bald head and a beer belly, and he has never had any money.

Charisma, I guess. Marina was the last and most uncomfortable guest because she arrived at such an hour and she had to look for a place to spend the night. Even though we have a big house, such a huge family still needs more space and is always a problem with where to place it. When I was petty, little sisters got into my room, but now they are with their husbands and you can’t put two young couples in my room. They always want to fuck.

Marina, most likely, will be placed with me, because the place is no more, and she is my dear aunt, only ten years older than me, so we are almost friends with her. This is probably the best thing that can be, no snotty asshole, ever-quarreling sisters and brothers. It is better to live with Marina, with a normal and adequate thirty-year-old beauty. At the station I was waiting for a small surprise, which made me upset. Marina came not alone, but with a satellite.

And this means that I don’t have any happiness of living with her in one room and will have to share it with someone from … damn, I don’t even know with whom, but I don’t really like it. Marina’s gentleman turned out to be a tall man with a small gray hair at the temples and dark eyes. Just my type, we had the same tastes with Marina. The guests settled in the car and we went home. I was not so enthusiastic, but Nikolai constantly supported the mood – Marina’s new boyfriend. She joked talking compliments and in general – was a normal guy and I liked.

At home, it became clear that Marina and Nikolay would live in my room, and this on the one hand pleased me, but on the other I was not at all pleased that such a man would be so close to me and I absolutely could not express it attention to him. Yes, and they obviously want to have sex and I have to retreat somewhere. But it’s all better than living with the snotty backgrills of their sisters.

On the very first evening, Marina hinted to me and I had to go to the common room. The same thing happened in the morning in the shower. They locked there and did not open for about an hour. Is he such a good lover that he can satisfy Marina for an hour? Personally, I did not have a single guy who would hold back for more than fifteen minutes. Even though I had time to finish, it was still not enough. For a week, I noticed that this couple does not retire for less than an hour. Wow, so it is they have a constant practice so steep. I wanted to learn the secrets of their sex life.

We were just at the cinema and I decided to ask this question, to which Marina only smiled, but did not answer anything intelligible to me. It is understandable – there was so much small fry around, older and younger relatives and it was somehow not very talk about such topics. I blunted, but I so wanted to talk on this topic. I confess that these absences of them for an hour strongly excited me. I have not had sex since spring and I had to appear in the toilet and try to bring myself to orgasm as soon as possible so that no one would suspect what I was doing there.

After all, when there are so many people in the house, someone will begin to break into the toilet and rush you. So, while Marina ached in my room, I masturbated in the toilet, but it was obviously not enough and I wanted something more. Finally, the secant started and we went to the hall. By happy coincidence, with Marina and Nikolai, I was on the ground for kissing. I sat next to my aunt’s lover. As soon as the light was turned off, I felt his hand on my thigh, which gradually rose higher and higher. I was wearing jeans and panties, and from what this guy is doing, I immediately got wet and so strong that it was quite possible that even the chair was wet. I glanced at Marina, but she didn’t give any kind at all and watched a movie. Nikolai also did not look at me, but stared at the screen.

Only his hand at that time was already much higher than the thigh and caressed my crotch through jeans. He definitely felt that everything was burning there, it was just impossible not to feel it. I grabbed his arm and tried to push him away, but he resisted and I didn’t use any more attempts to stop the case. I frankly liked what this man does to me. He raised his hand higher in my body almost to my chest, stroked my stomach a little and started to go down, but now his aim would not be aimed at jeans on under them straight to my hot hole.

I was not against it and sat down so that it was more convenient for him to break through to my hole. What Marina is doing there was not at all interesting to me. I unbuttoned the button and the short zipper myself, so that the man certainly did everything he wanted and did not interfere with anything. His hand was in my panties. I have never experienced such a thing. No guy caressed me with his hands – everyone just fucked. In fact, it was the first petting in my life and I liked it so damn. Nikolai acted very skillfully. He felt my body as his own and his every movement was so correct and verified that I was approaching orgasm faster, even than when I caress myself. That was incredible.

He knew exactly what I wanted and gave it to me, and very soon I started to shake, and my goosebumps ran down my thighs and ass. The first orgasm came so quickly that I just could not believe it. Late people still came into the hall and sat down in places, and I had time to finish.


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