Marina’s Adventures

Marina was 27 years old. She was quite beautiful and slim, but her personal life did not go well at all.

She divorced her husband three years ago and during this time has never found a worthy life partner, friend or partner, since all her novels usually ended after the first sexual contact.

One day her close friend Galina invited her to go to the village for a little rest to her aunt. Marina then did not care where to go and she agreed. And on Friday after finishing work, she waited for Galya at the train station at the ticket office, where they agreed to meet with her. Galya came exactly at the appointed time and after half an hour, two friends raced on the evening train.

They traveled for a long time, but still, after 2 hours they got to the right stop, boarded a public bus and after 20 minutes were on the spot. When they reached the small village house it was already completely dark. Aunt Gali met them very friendly, watered hot tea and made a warm soft bed, so both girls immediately fell into oblivion. Marina woke up feeling the bright warm light beating in her eyes. She was lying at a small window through which the bright morning rays of the sun were breaking through. She looked at her watch. It was only 8 o’clock in the morning. Galya was still sleeping, cozily curled up in a ball.

Marina left the house on a wooden porch and inhaled with the fullest fresh village air. She was even slightly dizzy, so clean and pleasant he was. Galina aunt went somewhere and Marina decided to take a walk and explore the local surroundings. She went out the gate and walked along a country road. Soon she went out to a birch grove, and after going still further she went out to a large glade drenched in the sun on which a red horse grazed.

Going a little closer, Marina saw that his front legs were tied with some kind of rope and, therefore, he had to jump to make a move. Marina came closer and decided to stroke the horse a little. She reached out and gently touched his red side. The horse turned his head to her, looked at her with complete indifference, and continued to tweak his grass. Marina loved horses since childhood. She really liked these beautiful, graceful animals.

Continuing to stroke his side, she involuntarily lowered her eyes down to the abdomen, where his cock was. Suddenly she felt that she wanted to touch him, to see him in full size. She was frightened of her unusual desire and removed her hand, but her eyes continued to gaze into that place. She saw his huge eggs (for some reason almost black), covered with small hairs.

And then she could not cope with herself, her hand reached down and the next moment she touched these balls. The horse snorted sharply and raised its head. Marina continued to gently stroke them. and then she saw how a member appeared from the horse’s bag, which began to grow rapidly. Marina, as a bewitched one, continued to watch this spectacle. She gently touched him. The horse snorted again. Marina began to stroke him, and he had already increased by so much that he almost reached the ground. Marina knelt, clasped his hand and began to confidently move her up and down. As fascinated, she madly looked at this miracle of nature, she admired this strong, beautiful organ, she madly wanted to kiss him. She tilted her head and moved the member to face.

She opened her mouth and took a large horse’s head into it, moving her hand up into it down the trunk. She put her second hand under her dress and began to furiously rub her swollen clit. Caressing her tongue, she drove them from head to tip. She sucked this huge club with such ferocity that sometimes it seemed to her that she was smoking with friction. Her orgasm was like a powerful explosion and she could barely keep her feet. But she did not stop at this, she continued to greedily suck the member of the horse and masturbate at the same time.

Marina’s dress and underwear shackled the movement, so she decided to free herself from them. She pulled away from her big toy, pulled her arm out of her panties and frantically began to undress. She was so excited that she didn’t even think that they could see her at that moment. All her accumulated passion broke free. And now she was completely naked again sat on her knees before the horse, spread her legs wider and continued her work.

Now nothing bothered her. She again leaned her hot mouth to a large organ and again began to suck at it hard, while not forgetting about herself. Suddenly she felt the horse’s penis stiffen and she realized that he was about to finish. She barely managed to pull him out of her mouth, the horse wheezed and at that very same moment the huge and powerful fountain of his sperm hit her in the face, hair and chest. Marina opened her mouth trying to catch as much liquid as possible. His thick sperm immediately almost completely filled her entire mouth.

She took a sip, but at this time the next portion struck her face and ran down her cheeks, lips and chin. The horse literally flooded it with its liquid. She frantically masturbated by swallowing her. She has never experienced such an orgasm before. She almost fainted. She just wanted to scream with pleasure. The horse was also completely devastated. Marina rose from her knees, her legs did not tremble at all. Cum on her face, hair and chest sparkled in the sun. With her fingers, she began to collect it and send it into her mouth until she collected almost everything.

Then she picked up her dress and wiped them the remnants of sperm from her body, got dressed, put herself in perfect order and dragged herself back to the village, very tired but pleased.


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