Drunk wife cheating again

The real story of one of the fucking adventures of my faithful wife!

Yanochka came home drunk in the ass late at night with some of her regular office party. Immediately without undressing, fell asleep. And I was at home with a friend, finishing off a bottle of “Remy Martin” as well. Well, we saw this “body”, I had to undress her sleeping, well, a friend volunteered to help me, but he only helped by crushing her boobs.

By the way, it was with this friend of mine that we had already figured out how to dissolve my Yana on MMZH, although Yana had already been stuffed with him with my consent, but she did not allow me to join – she made me look … Well, my friend ruins her tits, I take off her pants, and see that her panties – “back to front”! I have her hand in the crack – and there as in a tunnel! Three fingers just flew! Lye all in grease and semen, panties – even squeeze!

My friend, too, all the glades, and asked me: “Do you mind if I otlizu her plowed plowed? She’s still a slut! We know that!” Of course, I allowed, and my friend began to mock at her! And Yana slept like a log! He spread her pussy lips with his fingers, licked her clit, put his fingers into her pussy and ass, as it turned out, in the ass, too, everything was in sperm! And I was standing next to and jerking off my dick looking at how my best friend licks my beloved woman her crack! You have no idea what a thrill to pervert over his wife when she sleeps! His tongue moved from my faithful’s pussy to her, I can not say that it was narrow – the anus …

A friend began to jerk his dick, but he did not pull the tongue out of Yana’s ass. Then he asked me how to finish? I replied: “Straight on her cunt!” He grabbed his dick and violently masturbating him, threw a good portion of sperm right on my wife’s labia! Then, patting her pussy, went to wash in the bathroom (his wife was waiting for him at home). I was told that my Yana’s cunt is very tasty! At that moment I was still going to harshly jerk my dick, looking at my wife’s finished hole. The next moment, I already eagerly licked her crotch to her crotch, and thought about how many fucks for this evening was satisfied with this vagina, the vagina of my beloved wife! I finished a few seconds very abundantly on the feet of her graceful legs. Cock wiped on her pink cheeks. I didn’t wipe my cum from her legs, so that when she woke up in the morning, she was glad for my story …

And she still slept soundly as a dream! In the morning, she told me how she (and she works as a secretary in a large company) and an accountant (her friend at work, a fairly prominent woman, the mistress of their boss), lingered after work, and business partners from Armenia came to her boss. Well, the chief suggested that they go with them to the sauna. Of course they … agreed! Well, then, off we go: vodka, martini, brandy, beer …

And my measure does not know! Well, it ended up with the chief retiring with his accountant, and Yana appeased the other men in turn. Armenians fucked my Russian little wife in all crevices. She accepted fat members of Caucasian men in her insatiable holes. She finished off tits and poured a lot of sperm into the vagina. This is an absolutely real life story.

And such stories are not enough!


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