Best birthday

Hello, I want to share with you one story that happened in my life a year ago.

I was then 22 years old. We celebrated my mother’s birthday. It was the end of July, it was very hot outside, degrees 40C, at least.

For this event, my parents ordered a cafe in the heart of the city. Guests were called at 18.00. I spent the whole day in business and cares, I was preparing for my mother’s holiday, went shopping choosing a gift. Forty people were invited to the birthday party. And running a little on the front, I want to say that among the guests, my mother’s work colleague Lisa was invited.

Lisa was a very sexy blonde, 35-37 years old. Not tall, with an attractive figure, slender, slim, elastic not sagging chest. She is always very beautiful and you can say frankly to pick up her outfit, she dressed exclusively in expensive boutiques.

By that time, the guests began to converge, and we began to celebrate. The party was commanded by a toastmaster and everyone drank, danced, and made toasts. Mom’s colleague came in a frank outfit, she was wearing a short dress and high-heeled shoes. Lisa danced very sexy, I watched her all the time and then suddenly she pulled me to the dance floor to dance with her ballad.

During the dance, she pressed herself to me with her whole body, and through her dress she felt Lisa’s nipples that were exciting. Her hands hugged and stroked my shoulders and back, all this excited me to madness and my penis was already standing like a stake, she probably felt how he rested against her tummy. After we finished dancing, Lisa offered to go for a smoke at this time, all the guests began to sit at the table.

Coming out of the hall, she dragged me to the toilet. I want to say that the cafe was one of the most expensive in our city and the toilet looked properly. When she entered, she closed the latch door and walked over. We took a cigarette and smoked, making a couple of she began to gently stroke my chest with one hand, the other continued to smoke. Her hand went down lower and lower until it was on my penis, squeezing it tightly.

She threw out a cigarette and sat down before me in a squatting position and unbuttoned my trouser pants, pulling my penis from there started to suck frantically. Her mouth needs to be noted at her that it is necessary, the blowjob made her very cool, I was just in awe. Her elastic lips quickly and smoothly ran through my trunk and a hot tongue stroked my head.

I was ready to finish, suddenly she took my penis out of her mouth, lay down on the floor and said that I would fuck her properly. What I did, my penis entered into it immediately as it was all wet and hot. I lay on my mother’s friend and fucked her more and more, I did not notice anything, I thought only how to finish it. She began to moan very loudly and say to me: “Come on! Tougher! Come on! Cum in me !.

And under these words I began to erupt streams of sperm from my penis, as soon as my penis began to erupt, she, too, began to cum, we did it almost simultaneously.

Then we brought ourselves to normal appearance and went on to celebrate my mother’s birthday.


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