Nelly lesbian

I always suspected that Nelly was a lesbian. She is somehow strange to me, and even looked at other girls. You know, looked like a guy – a hunter.

I have been catching such views from guys from old years on myself and know exactly what I’m talking about. None of them wants to do crosswords with me – everyone needed my baby in panties. Some, of course, received it, but not about that.

Nellie looked exactly the same, especially when she was drinking. It flattered me, I understood that I was not only liked by guys, but also by girls, but at the same time it was somehow not on my own. I could not feel relaxed when Nelly was next to me, I felt some threat from her, or something.

My pussy was not safe next to her. On the one hand, I was visited by thoughts about what is needed and can be experimented with sex with a girl, but on the other hand I was somehow repelled by same-sex love. Over time, Nellie more and more obviously paid attention to me, not at all as a friend.

She kept fussing and hinting at sex, said that the men are goats and they only need one, that they have friends and work ahead of them, that the girls are completely not such and they give their partner tenderness and affection and everything in this spirit. Of course, she knew that at that time I had some minor problems with my young man and voiced me exactly what was needed for my speedy separation from him. But, even after I was left lonely, I did not begin to be led to her harassment. I was satisfied, like any lonely girl with pens and toys.

By the way, I have a fairly large collection for any hole and any mood, so I can live a year or even two without sex. And when I get tired of toys, I can always buy a new one, so as not to look for sex with a guy on the side. I am categorically opposed to having sex at once.

This is another reason why Nellie and I don’t have sex. I understand that we will not become a full-fledged same-sex couple, especially in our country, but I would not like to spoil the friendship with these caresses. But, since you read it, you understand that in the end, Nellie moment and dragged me into bed. She is like a predator or like some kind of eagle vital over me, waiting for the right moment to attack and take advantage of me. It happened immediately on arrival from the rest. I hung on the islands, constant parties, coconut and alcohol, but I did not give it to anyone, you know why. Although there were such mulatto guys who had a lump smoking from the sight of such a gorgeous Russian girl, as I could fuck with them without any problems. It’s such an exotic – sex with a mulatto, who has such a long term, many girls dream of such, many, but not me. I will say that it was difficult for me to hold on, after all, coconut, and especially coconut paired with alcohol, is the best energetic and pathogen that exists in the world, but I could. Many years of masturbation experience helped me to relax in the local toilets and my room. If it were not for this – I would definitely give up and do it with some mulatto, but no – I restrained myself.

Upon arrival, I was met by Nellie and we went to me. There we laid out the thing and it all started. Coconut has not yet released, and alcohol is full in Moscow, so I quickly regained my “island” state, which Nelly took advantage of in an instant. She sat me down on the bed and started kissing, at the same time caressing my ass in short shorts. I somehow hindered her and tried to negate what was happening, but she did not understand, as it turned out completely naked on my big bed, and Nelly was still in her panties, but already kissed me in my chest. I was already excited, and these caresses sent me further along the road of excitement.

I liked what she was doing, but it wouldn’t be limited to caressing her chest, and we should continue the fun. I was not as timid and indecisive as I was at the beginning and decided to take the initiative by offering to pull out all my rubber friends to make us company, but my friend politely rejected this idea. She laid me on my back, and already thought that now for the first time in my life I would experience for myself what is from a girl, but this did not happen. She, of course, kissed me there, but it was not a cunnilingus.

The pussy was so wet that lube oozed out of it and Nell did not miss the opportunity to caress me with her hands. Her fingers were so gentle and that quite quickly four of them were inside of me and I loved it wildly. Nellie put a brush into me when I got the first orgasm from her fisting. It was my first experience of such entertainment, I never inserted my hand into myself.

Following the first one, the second orgasm, which I received already with a few fingers in my ass, did not keep me waiting. I practiced anal, even double penetration once happened, but then I didn’t get the sensations that Nelly gave me. She was really gentle and did everything knowingly so that I would get as much pleasure from the buzz as possible. The effect of alcohol and my hormones introduced me to some kind of sexual trance, and all my crotch and tits became a difficult erogenous zone. Nellie only needed to touch me, as I immediately received the highest pleasure.

My memory has dimmed a bit, and my consciousness, too, that I won’t remember everything, but I think that I had five orgasms.