Sweet memories

I do not even remember how it all began, but then I was still working in the protection and guarded the city park, and I had a wife.

I stood at the entrance of the park, at the checkpoint (checkpoint), monitored the rule of law, exercised access control, etc., etc. Later in the evening, I called up to Katya (our mutual acquaintance with my wife), made an appointment and she immediately came to me after work. I always ordered her, on the way, to buy ice cream and a bank of energy Adrenaline.

By her arrival, I, as it was possible, in the sink, was washing out my lanes and waiting for her, languishing in sweet languor. She came almost to the closure of the park, so that we could easily sit in the checkpoint. I do not know what, but I always liked her. I always love plump, busty little ones in life, and she was the opposite (little growth, thin, small chest) but there was something in her.

And this is something that pulled me to her with great force. Sipping energy, I pressed her to me and gave free rein to my hands. Having undid the bra, I started to caress her small nipples, but damnably attractive and sweet. Lifting her skirt, I got to her cave, by that time already wet, and immersed my finger in it.

Caressing her breasts and her cave, I turned it on and started it myself. Then, she could not stand up to unbutton my pants, took out the already standing member and gently, as if with love took it in her mouth. Oh my God! How wonderful it is to feel warm and wet breath at its end! And the first swallow? The first swallow is the brightest moment at the beginning of sex. We were always agitated by the thought that a check could come to me and catch us, but this excitement was even more. Once this has happened. We only reached the peak of excitement, and then the test came on the spot. So I pulled on my pants, wound her half-naked into another room and there she waited for the check out.

But in this room could go. So, what I stopped. She knew how to bring joy to her mouth. I have never done anyone a blowjob, so much so that I simply took off my head and wanted it to last forever, and she could do that. In this, she certainly had no equal. Even my wife can’t compare with her. Then I pantyhose with her pants with panties and turning her back to me, entered into it.

Despite the fact that she was all wet, I entered into it with difficulty, so she was there narrowly and I liked it very much. I put it on my dick without forgetting to caress her breasts with my hands. Our copulation was not hasty. We enjoyed every second, every minute, every movement, as if it were the last time. We were just fine. I put it on the table and took the ice cream, bit off, started to caress her little clit. My cold kisses did not like her much, but it pinned me, but for a long time I did not torment her. She always asked me to cum in her mouth.

I do not know why, but she liked it very much and, therefore, was often offended that I sometimes got carried away and ended up getting into it. She sat on her knees and began to intensively swallow my dick. I caressed my head with my tongue, spent it all over the trunk, and again swallowed. She always felt that I was coming, that I was about to end, and she stopped. After waiting a little, she again brought me to the pre-orgasmic state and stopped again. She skillfully mocked before me. I often begged her not to stop, but she herself chose when to finish. And the moment has come. Having made a couple of deep swallows, I began to pour into her mouth.

She closed her lips so that not a single drop was to be missed. I do not know how everything fit in her, but she did not let go of a member until he went limp. Anyone who has ever finished in the mouth of a girl will understand me that you will not want a better orgasm. After sex, we just talked, shared our impressions, our fantasies. We liked to be together, have sex, just talk about everything and nothing at the same time.

And there were many such visits to me.