Old girlfriend

Hello, I want to tell you a story that has happened in my life, which I will never forget.

It happened in the summer. I glanced over to my girlfriend and wanted to take her for a walk around the city, but she was in no mood and she didn’t go, then I called my friend and we went to the park with him to drink beer, I devoured 2 liters of beer and two hundred grams of vodka, it was too late and I decided that was enough and headed home. We have come to a halt.

Then my chum saw a girl who was passing by, while saying what goes, let’s cling. I approached, met, the girl was very sociable, we walked around for about twenty minutes, and went to the bus stop, there was a summer cafe that worked around the clock.

We took some alcohol, sat for half an hour, then my friend left us and went home. Well, I thought about what to do, and offered her to drink vodka to which she agreed, we wanted to go with her to the embankment, as the rain suddenly began to drip, and then it poured like a bucket.

Well, then I suggested she go to me. She asked about my ancestors something, they say at home or not, in short, I lied to her that they left for the dacha, and I don’t have any problem at all. Arriving home by taxi, it was already quite late. I went first, she stayed in the hallway, I went to my room, and there my mother was sitting, watching TV.

I tell her that I came not alone, with a girl, that we will sit for a bit and I will spend it later. Shouting at me she went to bed. We came to me and sat quietly for a couple of minutes, watching TV. Then I put on music, I poured vodka and juice, drank it, and then how it all happened by itself.

At first we just started kissing, hugging. Caressing each other began to wear clothes up to shorts, she remained only in panties and bra. And they began to lick again. I kissed her everywhere, then gently pulled off her panties and began to lick her pussy, she was delighted, moaning and gasping. Then she turned off the heat from me and started to suck. She sucked me for about ten minutes, then I started to fuck her in the pussy, I began to feel that now I’ll finish it and pulled a member out of the vagina and poured sperm on her belly. After lying on the couch, then after drinking a little more, we went to the bathroom.

Shutting the door, turned on the water, she began again to excite me, dribbling my dick. After a couple of seconds I was ready for sex, turned her to the bath, put cancer and started to fuck, then offered to fuck her anally, she was not against it, and I began to plant her penis in her tight hole centimeter by centimeter. It was pretty tight and hot there, I literally finished a couple of minutes right in her anus. Coming out of the bathroom, they walked back to my room, added a bottle there, then she began to give me a blowjob and sucked everything that I had swallowed and licked.

Then we fell asleep, in the morning I wanted to fuck her again, she was still asleep, I pushed the blanket back, she slept her ass to the top, parted the halves and I drove her penis into the ass to the ground and stopped, giving my cock a little to master, then I I started to slowly and gently fuck her ass, I took it out, then I inserted it into my balls and fucked her the entire length of my dick again, I finished it right there and did not immediately take it out until my dick was completely slack. In the morning I called a taxi for her, she left, and I never saw her again.

It is a pity that we have not exchanged numbers.