New year’s night

Hello, my name is Lana, I am 19 years old.

This story happened on the New Year and I would like to repeat it.

There were a lot of guys and with many I had a close relationship, not more than one night, but there was one guy to whom it’s not so easy to introduce myself. I wanted him all 4 months that I study with him in the same techie, but he somehow didn’t care about me and now it was New Year’s Eve.

All of our gathered in my apartment, and of course he We drank a lot, after 12 he called me into the bathroom and started kissing, I eagerly attacked him, began to kiss and he took me to the bedroom, the rest did not hesitate too having sex, who where We entered, I threw him on the bed, I could not hold back, sat on him and quickly took off my pants, he was already standing, I took out what I was dreaming about and sucked so that he finished my mouth in a few minutes, I greedily swallowed everything, Zhenya (his name is like that)

He took off his shirt and just tore off my short one dress, I quickly took off my thong and he pounced on my wet pussy, it was the best cunnilingus in my life, he did it very passionately, skillfully, for a long time.

I finished, he licked everything, until the last drop, he kissed me with his magic lips, I pressed my whole body to him, so that I felt his hot barrel on my stomach, we kissed like the last time, he recoiled and entered me it’s a thrill, I jumped on it, to the beat of his movements, we changed a lot of poses, I screamed from insane pleasure, Zhenya did everything so that I was very pleased, and I answered the same, I don’t remember everything alcohol, whether from a buzz but I remember exactly that this New Year was the best, of all previous With Zhenya we are after this did not communicate, I certainly will not suffer, man’s attention is not deprived, but I definitely will not have such sex with anyone.