With a friend in half

I would like to tell a story that happened to me not so long ago. I went to a friend with my beloved little wife.

My friend had a birthday. We had fun walking. Of course, they drank a lot. We were in the company 4-ro. I’m with a friend, and our halves.

They drank a lot, danced a lot – in general, they actively rested. Naturally, our halves were much faster than us. At intervals of about ten minutes, they went to sleep in different rooms. My friend and I continued to have fun, and drink up all that remained. We had to go smoking through the room of his wife. We went to the balcony. In one of these passages to the balcony, my friend decided to make a joke and threw the blanket from his wife, and with the words: “Look what!”, Looked at my expression. The picture was just awesome.

She slept on her back, and absolutely naked. Her legs were slightly apart. No doubt she had a gorgeous figure. Beautiful large breasts, narrow waist. In general, a very sexy woman. Her pussy was completely shaved. It is good that his wife was drunk very much, so she didn’t wake up, and didn’t even stir. I was very surprised when he began to stroke her breasts, and with her second hand reached into her crotch.

She continued to sleep peacefully, not moving. Then he lifted and bent her legs at the knees and with two fingers began to penetrate her pussy, but all his actions were ineffectual. His beloved both slept and sleeps. I watched everything going on and was seriously excited. “Come on, take a look at mine,” I said, and pulled my friend along. We went to another room, where my wife slept. She, by the way, also always sleeps naked, and this time there was no exception.

She slept on her side, facing the wall. I patted her ass – she also did not wake up. So I was terribly drunk – I offered my friend a ridiculous thing. I asked him: “do you want to try?” Without thinking, he nodded his head in agreement. I climbed over my spouse to the wall. She lay before my face. At this time, the druzhan settled back and smeared the pussy with saliva – put in his penis. Initially, he was moving slowly, as if he was afraid to wake up, but soon he began to increase the pace and I noticed that my little wife even opened her mouth.

I stuck to her lips and began to kiss wildly. Through the kiss, I felt the vibrations of my friend, and it turned me on even more. With one hand, he held his neck, and the second his chest. In this position, he fucked her. This action lasted about twenty minutes. During this time I almost finished because my knees touched my cock. When a friend had finished, he quickly got up and leaving the room he called for me to smoke and drink. Of course, I could not disagree, because now it was my turn to fuck his wife. Getting up, I turned my wife on my back and saw that her small crack was now blushing and broken, and my friend’s sperm was flowing out of her crotch.

From what I saw I was excited even more and could not resist – began to fuck his wife in the ass. The member was very tight, but still I drove it and was able to finish.

Now I was completely satisfied and went for a smoke break with the thoughts that now I will do the same with his wife.