Nelly lesbian

I always suspected that Nelly was a lesbian. She is somehow strange to me, and even looked at other girls. You know, looked like a guy – a hunter.

I have been catching such views from guys from old years on myself and know exactly what I’m talking about. None of them wants to do crosswords with me – everyone needed my baby in panties. Some, of course, received it, but not about that.

Nellie looked exactly the same, especially when she was drinking. It flattered me, I understood that I was not only liked by guys, but also by girls, but at the same time it was somehow not on my own. I could not feel relaxed when Nelly was next to me, I felt some threat from her, or something.

My pussy was not safe next to her. On the one hand, I was visited by thoughts about what is needed and can be experimented with sex with a girl, but on the other hand I was somehow repelled by same-sex love. Over time, Nellie more and more obviously paid attention to me, not at all as a friend.

She kept fussing and hinting at sex, said that the men are goats and they only need one, that they have friends and work ahead of them, that the girls are completely not such and they give their partner tenderness and affection and everything in this spirit. Of course, she knew that at that time I had some minor problems with my young man and voiced me exactly what was needed for my speedy separation from him. But, even after I was left lonely, I did not begin to be led to her harassment. I was satisfied, like any lonely girl with pens and toys.

By the way, I have a fairly large collection for any hole and any mood, so I can live a year or even two without sex. And when I get tired of toys, I can always buy a new one, so as not to look for sex with a guy on the side. I am categorically opposed to having sex at once.

This is another reason why Nellie and I don’t have sex. I understand that we will not become a full-fledged same-sex couple, especially in our country, but I would not like to spoil the friendship with these caresses. But, since you read it, you understand that in the end, Nellie moment and dragged me into bed. She is like a predator or like some kind of eagle vital over me, waiting for the right moment to attack and take advantage of me. It happened immediately on arrival from the rest. I hung on the islands, constant parties, coconut and alcohol, but I did not give it to anyone, you know why. Although there were such mulatto guys who had a lump smoking from the sight of such a gorgeous Russian girl, as I could fuck with them without any problems. It’s such an exotic – sex with a mulatto, who has such a long term, many girls dream of such, many, but not me. I will say that it was difficult for me to hold on, after all, coconut, and especially coconut paired with alcohol, is the best energetic and pathogen that exists in the world, but I could. Many years of masturbation experience helped me to relax in the local toilets and my room. If it were not for this – I would definitely give up and do it with some mulatto, but no – I restrained myself.

Upon arrival, I was met by Nellie and we went to me. There we laid out the thing and it all started. Coconut has not yet released, and alcohol is full in Moscow, so I quickly regained my “island” state, which Nelly took advantage of in an instant. She sat me down on the bed and started kissing, at the same time caressing my ass in short shorts. I somehow hindered her and tried to negate what was happening, but she did not understand, as it turned out completely naked on my big bed, and Nelly was still in her panties, but already kissed me in my chest. I was already excited, and these caresses sent me further along the road of excitement.

I liked what she was doing, but it wouldn’t be limited to caressing her chest, and we should continue the fun. I was not as timid and indecisive as I was at the beginning and decided to take the initiative by offering to pull out all my rubber friends to make us company, but my friend politely rejected this idea. She laid me on my back, and already thought that now for the first time in my life I would experience for myself what is from a girl, but this did not happen. She, of course, kissed me there, but it was not a cunnilingus.

The pussy was so wet that lube oozed out of it and Nell did not miss the opportunity to caress me with her hands. Her fingers were so gentle and that quite quickly four of them were inside of me and I loved it wildly. Nellie put a brush into me when I got the first orgasm from her fisting. It was my first experience of such entertainment, I never inserted my hand into myself.

Following the first one, the second orgasm, which I received already with a few fingers in my ass, did not keep me waiting. I practiced anal, even double penetration once happened, but then I didn’t get the sensations that Nelly gave me. She was really gentle and did everything knowingly so that I would get as much pleasure from the buzz as possible. The effect of alcohol and my hormones introduced me to some kind of sexual trance, and all my crotch and tits became a difficult erogenous zone. Nellie only needed to touch me, as I immediately received the highest pleasure.

My memory has dimmed a bit, and my consciousness, too, that I won’t remember everything, but I think that I had five orgasms.


Sweet memories

I do not even remember how it all began, but then I was still working in the protection and guarded the city park, and I had a wife.

I stood at the entrance of the park, at the checkpoint (checkpoint), monitored the rule of law, exercised access control, etc., etc. Later in the evening, I called up to Katya (our mutual acquaintance with my wife), made an appointment and she immediately came to me after work. I always ordered her, on the way, to buy ice cream and a bank of energy Adrenaline.

By her arrival, I, as it was possible, in the sink, was washing out my lanes and waiting for her, languishing in sweet languor. She came almost to the closure of the park, so that we could easily sit in the checkpoint. I do not know what, but I always liked her. I always love plump, busty little ones in life, and she was the opposite (little growth, thin, small chest) but there was something in her.

And this is something that pulled me to her with great force. Sipping energy, I pressed her to me and gave free rein to my hands. Having undid the bra, I started to caress her small nipples, but damnably attractive and sweet. Lifting her skirt, I got to her cave, by that time already wet, and immersed my finger in it.

Caressing her breasts and her cave, I turned it on and started it myself. Then, she could not stand up to unbutton my pants, took out the already standing member and gently, as if with love took it in her mouth. Oh my God! How wonderful it is to feel warm and wet breath at its end! And the first swallow? The first swallow is the brightest moment at the beginning of sex. We were always agitated by the thought that a check could come to me and catch us, but this excitement was even more. Once this has happened. We only reached the peak of excitement, and then the test came on the spot. So I pulled on my pants, wound her half-naked into another room and there she waited for the check out.

But in this room could go. So, what I stopped. She knew how to bring joy to her mouth. I have never done anyone a blowjob, so much so that I simply took off my head and wanted it to last forever, and she could do that. In this, she certainly had no equal. Even my wife can’t compare with her. Then I pantyhose with her pants with panties and turning her back to me, entered into it.

Despite the fact that she was all wet, I entered into it with difficulty, so she was there narrowly and I liked it very much. I put it on my dick without forgetting to caress her breasts with my hands. Our copulation was not hasty. We enjoyed every second, every minute, every movement, as if it were the last time. We were just fine. I put it on the table and took the ice cream, bit off, started to caress her little clit. My cold kisses did not like her much, but it pinned me, but for a long time I did not torment her. She always asked me to cum in her mouth.

I do not know why, but she liked it very much and, therefore, was often offended that I sometimes got carried away and ended up getting into it. She sat on her knees and began to intensively swallow my dick. I caressed my head with my tongue, spent it all over the trunk, and again swallowed. She always felt that I was coming, that I was about to end, and she stopped. After waiting a little, she again brought me to the pre-orgasmic state and stopped again. She skillfully mocked before me. I often begged her not to stop, but she herself chose when to finish. And the moment has come. Having made a couple of deep swallows, I began to pour into her mouth.

She closed her lips so that not a single drop was to be missed. I do not know how everything fit in her, but she did not let go of a member until he went limp. Anyone who has ever finished in the mouth of a girl will understand me that you will not want a better orgasm. After sex, we just talked, shared our impressions, our fantasies. We liked to be together, have sex, just talk about everything and nothing at the same time.

And there were many such visits to me.


Petting at the cinema

Today it was necessary to get up a bit earlier and meet Marina from the train. Of course, this honor came to me.

After all, only in my family there are rights and a car. As if in our city all taxi services were abruptly canceled. Naturally, the train arrived at five in the morning and I didn’t sleep at all because of this. Something like tearing through my eyes, I put on some kind of makeup and set off.

The family was just beginning to wake up and everyone was trying to fit me so that Marina, suddenly, did not wait for me, and I had to leave the house as soon as possible and topple. I hate all these family gatherings in the summer, they always take place at our place and a lot of people gather. New husbands sisters, a lot of spin-grease, new women brothers and Uncle Kolya. No, seriously, he comes to us every year with a new lady and every time she is younger than the previous one. I don’t understand how he does it, because he is already over fifty, has a bald head and a beer belly, and he has never had any money.

Charisma, I guess. Marina was the last and most uncomfortable guest because she arrived at such an hour and she had to look for a place to spend the night. Even though we have a big house, such a huge family still needs more space and is always a problem with where to place it. When I was petty, little sisters got into my room, but now they are with their husbands and you can’t put two young couples in my room. They always want to fuck.

Marina, most likely, will be placed with me, because the place is no more, and she is my dear aunt, only ten years older than me, so we are almost friends with her. This is probably the best thing that can be, no snotty asshole, ever-quarreling sisters and brothers. It is better to live with Marina, with a normal and adequate thirty-year-old beauty. At the station I was waiting for a small surprise, which made me upset. Marina came not alone, but with a satellite.

And this means that I don’t have any happiness of living with her in one room and will have to share it with someone from … damn, I don’t even know with whom, but I don’t really like it. Marina’s gentleman turned out to be a tall man with a small gray hair at the temples and dark eyes. Just my type, we had the same tastes with Marina. The guests settled in the car and we went home. I was not so enthusiastic, but Nikolai constantly supported the mood – Marina’s new boyfriend. She joked talking compliments and in general – was a normal guy and I liked.

At home, it became clear that Marina and Nikolay would live in my room, and this on the one hand pleased me, but on the other I was not at all pleased that such a man would be so close to me and I absolutely could not express it attention to him. Yes, and they obviously want to have sex and I have to retreat somewhere. But it’s all better than living with the snotty backgrills of their sisters.

On the very first evening, Marina hinted to me and I had to go to the common room. The same thing happened in the morning in the shower. They locked there and did not open for about an hour. Is he such a good lover that he can satisfy Marina for an hour? Personally, I did not have a single guy who would hold back for more than fifteen minutes. Even though I had time to finish, it was still not enough. For a week, I noticed that this couple does not retire for less than an hour. Wow, so it is they have a constant practice so steep. I wanted to learn the secrets of their sex life.

We were just at the cinema and I decided to ask this question, to which Marina only smiled, but did not answer anything intelligible to me. It is understandable – there was so much small fry around, older and younger relatives and it was somehow not very talk about such topics. I blunted, but I so wanted to talk on this topic. I confess that these absences of them for an hour strongly excited me. I have not had sex since spring and I had to appear in the toilet and try to bring myself to orgasm as soon as possible so that no one would suspect what I was doing there.

After all, when there are so many people in the house, someone will begin to break into the toilet and rush you. So, while Marina ached in my room, I masturbated in the toilet, but it was obviously not enough and I wanted something more. Finally, the secant started and we went to the hall. By happy coincidence, with Marina and Nikolai, I was on the ground for kissing. I sat next to my aunt’s lover. As soon as the light was turned off, I felt his hand on my thigh, which gradually rose higher and higher. I was wearing jeans and panties, and from what this guy is doing, I immediately got wet and so strong that it was quite possible that even the chair was wet. I glanced at Marina, but she didn’t give any kind at all and watched a movie. Nikolai also did not look at me, but stared at the screen.

Only his hand at that time was already much higher than the thigh and caressed my crotch through jeans. He definitely felt that everything was burning there, it was just impossible not to feel it. I grabbed his arm and tried to push him away, but he resisted and I didn’t use any more attempts to stop the case. I frankly liked what this man does to me. He raised his hand higher in my body almost to my chest, stroked my stomach a little and started to go down, but now his aim would not be aimed at jeans on under them straight to my hot hole.

I was not against it and sat down so that it was more convenient for him to break through to my hole. What Marina is doing there was not at all interesting to me. I unbuttoned the button and the short zipper myself, so that the man certainly did everything he wanted and did not interfere with anything. His hand was in my panties. I have never experienced such a thing. No guy caressed me with his hands – everyone just fucked. In fact, it was the first petting in my life and I liked it so damn. Nikolai acted very skillfully. He felt my body as his own and his every movement was so correct and verified that I was approaching orgasm faster, even than when I caress myself. That was incredible.

He knew exactly what I wanted and gave it to me, and very soon I started to shake, and my goosebumps ran down my thighs and ass. The first orgasm came so quickly that I just could not believe it. Late people still came into the hall and sat down in places, and I had time to finish.


Marina’s Adventures

Marina was 27 years old. She was quite beautiful and slim, but her personal life did not go well at all.

She divorced her husband three years ago and during this time has never found a worthy life partner, friend or partner, since all her novels usually ended after the first sexual contact.

One day her close friend Galina invited her to go to the village for a little rest to her aunt. Marina then did not care where to go and she agreed. And on Friday after finishing work, she waited for Galya at the train station at the ticket office, where they agreed to meet with her. Galya came exactly at the appointed time and after half an hour, two friends raced on the evening train.

They traveled for a long time, but still, after 2 hours they got to the right stop, boarded a public bus and after 20 minutes were on the spot. When they reached the small village house it was already completely dark. Aunt Gali met them very friendly, watered hot tea and made a warm soft bed, so both girls immediately fell into oblivion. Marina woke up feeling the bright warm light beating in her eyes. She was lying at a small window through which the bright morning rays of the sun were breaking through. She looked at her watch. It was only 8 o’clock in the morning. Galya was still sleeping, cozily curled up in a ball.

Marina left the house on a wooden porch and inhaled with the fullest fresh village air. She was even slightly dizzy, so clean and pleasant he was. Galina aunt went somewhere and Marina decided to take a walk and explore the local surroundings. She went out the gate and walked along a country road. Soon she went out to a birch grove, and after going still further she went out to a large glade drenched in the sun on which a red horse grazed.

Going a little closer, Marina saw that his front legs were tied with some kind of rope and, therefore, he had to jump to make a move. Marina came closer and decided to stroke the horse a little. She reached out and gently touched his red side. The horse turned his head to her, looked at her with complete indifference, and continued to tweak his grass. Marina loved horses since childhood. She really liked these beautiful, graceful animals.

Continuing to stroke his side, she involuntarily lowered her eyes down to the abdomen, where his cock was. Suddenly she felt that she wanted to touch him, to see him in full size. She was frightened of her unusual desire and removed her hand, but her eyes continued to gaze into that place. She saw his huge eggs (for some reason almost black), covered with small hairs.

And then she could not cope with herself, her hand reached down and the next moment she touched these balls. The horse snorted sharply and raised its head. Marina continued to gently stroke them. and then she saw how a member appeared from the horse’s bag, which began to grow rapidly. Marina, as a bewitched one, continued to watch this spectacle. She gently touched him. The horse snorted again. Marina began to stroke him, and he had already increased by so much that he almost reached the ground. Marina knelt, clasped his hand and began to confidently move her up and down. As fascinated, she madly looked at this miracle of nature, she admired this strong, beautiful organ, she madly wanted to kiss him. She tilted her head and moved the member to face.

She opened her mouth and took a large horse’s head into it, moving her hand up into it down the trunk. She put her second hand under her dress and began to furiously rub her swollen clit. Caressing her tongue, she drove them from head to tip. She sucked this huge club with such ferocity that sometimes it seemed to her that she was smoking with friction. Her orgasm was like a powerful explosion and she could barely keep her feet. But she did not stop at this, she continued to greedily suck the member of the horse and masturbate at the same time.

Marina’s dress and underwear shackled the movement, so she decided to free herself from them. She pulled away from her big toy, pulled her arm out of her panties and frantically began to undress. She was so excited that she didn’t even think that they could see her at that moment. All her accumulated passion broke free. And now she was completely naked again sat on her knees before the horse, spread her legs wider and continued her work.

Now nothing bothered her. She again leaned her hot mouth to a large organ and again began to suck at it hard, while not forgetting about herself. Suddenly she felt the horse’s penis stiffen and she realized that he was about to finish. She barely managed to pull him out of her mouth, the horse wheezed and at that very same moment the huge and powerful fountain of his sperm hit her in the face, hair and chest. Marina opened her mouth trying to catch as much liquid as possible. His thick sperm immediately almost completely filled her entire mouth.

She took a sip, but at this time the next portion struck her face and ran down her cheeks, lips and chin. The horse literally flooded it with its liquid. She frantically masturbated by swallowing her. She has never experienced such an orgasm before. She almost fainted. She just wanted to scream with pleasure. The horse was also completely devastated. Marina rose from her knees, her legs did not tremble at all. Cum on her face, hair and chest sparkled in the sun. With her fingers, she began to collect it and send it into her mouth until she collected almost everything.

Then she picked up her dress and wiped them the remnants of sperm from her body, got dressed, put herself in perfect order and dragged herself back to the village, very tired but pleased.


Old girlfriend

Hello, I want to tell you a story that has happened in my life, which I will never forget.

It happened in the summer. I glanced over to my girlfriend and wanted to take her for a walk around the city, but she was in no mood and she didn’t go, then I called my friend and we went to the park with him to drink beer, I devoured 2 liters of beer and two hundred grams of vodka, it was too late and I decided that was enough and headed home. We have come to a halt.

Then my chum saw a girl who was passing by, while saying what goes, let’s cling. I approached, met, the girl was very sociable, we walked around for about twenty minutes, and went to the bus stop, there was a summer cafe that worked around the clock.

We took some alcohol, sat for half an hour, then my friend left us and went home. Well, I thought about what to do, and offered her to drink vodka to which she agreed, we wanted to go with her to the embankment, as the rain suddenly began to drip, and then it poured like a bucket.

Well, then I suggested she go to me. She asked about my ancestors something, they say at home or not, in short, I lied to her that they left for the dacha, and I don’t have any problem at all. Arriving home by taxi, it was already quite late. I went first, she stayed in the hallway, I went to my room, and there my mother was sitting, watching TV.

I tell her that I came not alone, with a girl, that we will sit for a bit and I will spend it later. Shouting at me she went to bed. We came to me and sat quietly for a couple of minutes, watching TV. Then I put on music, I poured vodka and juice, drank it, and then how it all happened by itself.

At first we just started kissing, hugging. Caressing each other began to wear clothes up to shorts, she remained only in panties and bra. And they began to lick again. I kissed her everywhere, then gently pulled off her panties and began to lick her pussy, she was delighted, moaning and gasping. Then she turned off the heat from me and started to suck. She sucked me for about ten minutes, then I started to fuck her in the pussy, I began to feel that now I’ll finish it and pulled a member out of the vagina and poured sperm on her belly. After lying on the couch, then after drinking a little more, we went to the bathroom.

Shutting the door, turned on the water, she began again to excite me, dribbling my dick. After a couple of seconds I was ready for sex, turned her to the bath, put cancer and started to fuck, then offered to fuck her anally, she was not against it, and I began to plant her penis in her tight hole centimeter by centimeter. It was pretty tight and hot there, I literally finished a couple of minutes right in her anus. Coming out of the bathroom, they walked back to my room, added a bottle there, then she began to give me a blowjob and sucked everything that I had swallowed and licked.

Then we fell asleep, in the morning I wanted to fuck her again, she was still asleep, I pushed the blanket back, she slept her ass to the top, parted the halves and I drove her penis into the ass to the ground and stopped, giving my cock a little to master, then I I started to slowly and gently fuck her ass, I took it out, then I inserted it into my balls and fucked her the entire length of my dick again, I finished it right there and did not immediately take it out until my dick was completely slack. In the morning I called a taxi for her, she left, and I never saw her again.

It is a pity that we have not exchanged numbers.


Best birthday

Hello, I want to share with you one story that happened in my life a year ago.

I was then 22 years old. We celebrated my mother’s birthday. It was the end of July, it was very hot outside, degrees 40C, at least.

For this event, my parents ordered a cafe in the heart of the city. Guests were called at 18.00. I spent the whole day in business and cares, I was preparing for my mother’s holiday, went shopping choosing a gift. Forty people were invited to the birthday party. And running a little on the front, I want to say that among the guests, my mother’s work colleague Lisa was invited.

Lisa was a very sexy blonde, 35-37 years old. Not tall, with an attractive figure, slender, slim, elastic not sagging chest. She is always very beautiful and you can say frankly to pick up her outfit, she dressed exclusively in expensive boutiques.

By that time, the guests began to converge, and we began to celebrate. The party was commanded by a toastmaster and everyone drank, danced, and made toasts. Mom’s colleague came in a frank outfit, she was wearing a short dress and high-heeled shoes. Lisa danced very sexy, I watched her all the time and then suddenly she pulled me to the dance floor to dance with her ballad.

During the dance, she pressed herself to me with her whole body, and through her dress she felt Lisa’s nipples that were exciting. Her hands hugged and stroked my shoulders and back, all this excited me to madness and my penis was already standing like a stake, she probably felt how he rested against her tummy. After we finished dancing, Lisa offered to go for a smoke at this time, all the guests began to sit at the table.

Coming out of the hall, she dragged me to the toilet. I want to say that the cafe was one of the most expensive in our city and the toilet looked properly. When she entered, she closed the latch door and walked over. We took a cigarette and smoked, making a couple of she began to gently stroke my chest with one hand, the other continued to smoke. Her hand went down lower and lower until it was on my penis, squeezing it tightly.

She threw out a cigarette and sat down before me in a squatting position and unbuttoned my trouser pants, pulling my penis from there started to suck frantically. Her mouth needs to be noted at her that it is necessary, the blowjob made her very cool, I was just in awe. Her elastic lips quickly and smoothly ran through my trunk and a hot tongue stroked my head.

I was ready to finish, suddenly she took my penis out of her mouth, lay down on the floor and said that I would fuck her properly. What I did, my penis entered into it immediately as it was all wet and hot. I lay on my mother’s friend and fucked her more and more, I did not notice anything, I thought only how to finish it. She began to moan very loudly and say to me: “Come on! Tougher! Come on! Cum in me !.

And under these words I began to erupt streams of sperm from my penis, as soon as my penis began to erupt, she, too, began to cum, we did it almost simultaneously.

Then we brought ourselves to normal appearance and went on to celebrate my mother’s birthday.


New year’s night

Hello, my name is Lana, I am 19 years old.

This story happened on the New Year and I would like to repeat it.

There were a lot of guys and with many I had a close relationship, not more than one night, but there was one guy to whom it’s not so easy to introduce myself. I wanted him all 4 months that I study with him in the same techie, but he somehow didn’t care about me and now it was New Year’s Eve.

All of our gathered in my apartment, and of course he We drank a lot, after 12 he called me into the bathroom and started kissing, I eagerly attacked him, began to kiss and he took me to the bedroom, the rest did not hesitate too having sex, who where We entered, I threw him on the bed, I could not hold back, sat on him and quickly took off my pants, he was already standing, I took out what I was dreaming about and sucked so that he finished my mouth in a few minutes, I greedily swallowed everything, Zhenya (his name is like that)

He took off his shirt and just tore off my short one dress, I quickly took off my thong and he pounced on my wet pussy, it was the best cunnilingus in my life, he did it very passionately, skillfully, for a long time.

I finished, he licked everything, until the last drop, he kissed me with his magic lips, I pressed my whole body to him, so that I felt his hot barrel on my stomach, we kissed like the last time, he recoiled and entered me it’s a thrill, I jumped on it, to the beat of his movements, we changed a lot of poses, I screamed from insane pleasure, Zhenya did everything so that I was very pleased, and I answered the same, I don’t remember everything alcohol, whether from a buzz but I remember exactly that this New Year was the best, of all previous With Zhenya we are after this did not communicate, I certainly will not suffer, man’s attention is not deprived, but I definitely will not have such sex with anyone.


With a friend in half

I would like to tell a story that happened to me not so long ago. I went to a friend with my beloved little wife.

My friend had a birthday. We had fun walking. Of course, they drank a lot. We were in the company 4-ro. I’m with a friend, and our halves.

They drank a lot, danced a lot – in general, they actively rested. Naturally, our halves were much faster than us. At intervals of about ten minutes, they went to sleep in different rooms. My friend and I continued to have fun, and drink up all that remained. We had to go smoking through the room of his wife. We went to the balcony. In one of these passages to the balcony, my friend decided to make a joke and threw the blanket from his wife, and with the words: “Look what!”, Looked at my expression. The picture was just awesome.

She slept on her back, and absolutely naked. Her legs were slightly apart. No doubt she had a gorgeous figure. Beautiful large breasts, narrow waist. In general, a very sexy woman. Her pussy was completely shaved. It is good that his wife was drunk very much, so she didn’t wake up, and didn’t even stir. I was very surprised when he began to stroke her breasts, and with her second hand reached into her crotch.

She continued to sleep peacefully, not moving. Then he lifted and bent her legs at the knees and with two fingers began to penetrate her pussy, but all his actions were ineffectual. His beloved both slept and sleeps. I watched everything going on and was seriously excited. “Come on, take a look at mine,” I said, and pulled my friend along. We went to another room, where my wife slept. She, by the way, also always sleeps naked, and this time there was no exception.

She slept on her side, facing the wall. I patted her ass – she also did not wake up. So I was terribly drunk – I offered my friend a ridiculous thing. I asked him: “do you want to try?” Without thinking, he nodded his head in agreement. I climbed over my spouse to the wall. She lay before my face. At this time, the druzhan settled back and smeared the pussy with saliva – put in his penis. Initially, he was moving slowly, as if he was afraid to wake up, but soon he began to increase the pace and I noticed that my little wife even opened her mouth.

I stuck to her lips and began to kiss wildly. Through the kiss, I felt the vibrations of my friend, and it turned me on even more. With one hand, he held his neck, and the second his chest. In this position, he fucked her. This action lasted about twenty minutes. During this time I almost finished because my knees touched my cock. When a friend had finished, he quickly got up and leaving the room he called for me to smoke and drink. Of course, I could not disagree, because now it was my turn to fuck his wife. Getting up, I turned my wife on my back and saw that her small crack was now blushing and broken, and my friend’s sperm was flowing out of her crotch.

From what I saw I was excited even more and could not resist – began to fuck his wife in the ass. The member was very tight, but still I drove it and was able to finish.

Now I was completely satisfied and went for a smoke break with the thoughts that now I will do the same with his wife.


Drunk wife cheating again

The real story of one of the fucking adventures of my faithful wife!

Yanochka came home drunk in the ass late at night with some of her regular office party. Immediately without undressing, fell asleep. And I was at home with a friend, finishing off a bottle of “Remy Martin” as well. Well, we saw this “body”, I had to undress her sleeping, well, a friend volunteered to help me, but he only helped by crushing her boobs.

By the way, it was with this friend of mine that we had already figured out how to dissolve my Yana on MMZH, although Yana had already been stuffed with him with my consent, but she did not allow me to join – she made me look … Well, my friend ruins her tits, I take off her pants, and see that her panties – “back to front”! I have her hand in the crack – and there as in a tunnel! Three fingers just flew! Lye all in grease and semen, panties – even squeeze!

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